Research results on the assessment of sustainability of short supply chains (SFSC) and food quality systems  (FQS) have been published as part of the STRENGTH2FOOD project (Strengthening European Food Chain Sustainability by Quality and Procurement Policy).

Strength2Food is a five-year project under the EU’s Horison2020 Program worth EUR 6.9 million, aimed at improving the functioning of European Food Quality Systems (FQS), public food procurement systems (PSFP) and stimulating the development of short supply chains (SFSC). The consortium consists of 30 partners representing the European Union and four non-EU countries. The project made the first attempt in history to carry out quantitative research to assess the economic, environmental and social sustainability of FQS, PSFP and SFSC, and their impact on regional development.

In 2019, the SGGW team of Institute of Economics and Finance published the first results on sustainability assessment of Short Food Supply Chains (Sustainability 201911(15) and Food Quality Schemes (Sustainability of European Food Quality Schemes, Springer 2019 – access through:

 Full list of project publications:

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